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by Product area Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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CDCO4EDK2CFix a problem introduced in R5.0.2 in which Frameset names which include spaces do not get processed correctly and produce an invalid URL which...
DBRN4EDSNVFix a problem introduced in R5.0.2 with the introduction of parameters to Agent.run in CORBA which caused Database.getAgent to return an unexpected...
JPAI4CSFV8Fix a memory leak which occurred when processing mail messages.
MKRA4DWL9PFix a problem in network processing on AIX servers which caused them to be temporarily unresponsive to users.
MNAA4E7CU8Fix a problem introduced in R5.0.2 in which long subjects containing multi-byte characters would not be converted correctly to MIME when mail was...
MSAN4DWTHFFix a crash introduced in R5.0.2 which occured when the SMTP DSN extension was enabled inbound.
CBMO4BQTCUAllow recovery of databases from archived transaction log files if the current transaction log files are lost using the notes.ini variable,...
CDCO4E7QQGFix a security problem with database subscriptions.
DDUE4FRSW9Fix a problem with the Advanced tab of Database Properties not having the "Allow more fields in the database" checkbox selected after compacting a...
HHII4ED5C9Correctly upgrade MSVCRT.DLL to the version shipped with Notes/Domino R5 if the user has an older version as a result of using the incremental...
JBLY4E5QSQFix a potential denial of service attack.
MHAC4CFKWQFix a problem with the count of all selected documents in a view with a response hierarchy being too large because, when a parent was deleted, the...
WAR42HJQNFix a problem which caused a crash when a password was entered during the composition of a Calendar entry (because of the user pressing F5 or because...
PLYS4CDHS7Made Internet mail generate the correct content type for attachments during conversion to and from MIME. The wrong content type was being generated...
APAI4EMM5LFix a problem introduced in R5.0.2 which caused time range values to be corrupted producing the error, "Unable to interpret Time or Date," when using...
DKAO4DCSS2Fix a problem with no images displaying on the Domain Search page when the Access Control List default was set to No Access on the Database...
LROE4DCPBSFix a problem introduced in R5.0.2 which caused failure of the "Actions->Copy into" features in the mail template.
JUYA47Y92GFix a dialog display problem for Web mail users in which any changes to Delivery Options were not displayed correctly if the dialog was displayed a...
PSAR4D4HTFFix a problem with Calendar Entries not recognizing the year "00" as "2000" during validation. In R5.0.2c and R5.0.3, this fix recognizes years...
WZIR4EBTCDFixed a problem introduced in R5.0.2 in which the Invite and cc: fields are missing on the Meeting Invitations and Reservations panel of a Meeting...
YXUU4CVVMWFix a problem introduced in R5.0.2 in which full-text search did not support the GBK character set (Chinese).
KMES4DHSHEFix a memory leak which occurred when deleting a note which was contained in the Single Copy Object Store.
VLAN4CWEWYFix a problem with Java applets, agents, and addins failing to run in international locales. In particular, this problem report concerned the...
MAU48YK9GFix a problem introduced in R5 which prevented users who have access to create Private Agents in a database from editing...
PLAE4CNN8FFix a crash which occurred when building standard permuted descending views.


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